Antioch Christian Academy is a private school serving Pre K 3 - Kindergarten students.  The school has been in existence since 1996 and belongs to Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

Our facilities are located within the campus of the church and include classrooms, playground and a gymnasium. The outside playground is designed with age-appropriate equipment. The full-size gymnasium is the setting for a variety of indoor activities as well as a rainy-day alternative to outdoor play.


Our facility offers a complete age-appropriate curriculum for children pre-kindergarten through 6th grade. Our teachers use ABEKA curriculum along with supplemental materials.  The purpose of this curriculum is to provide a framework on which teachers can build that allows children to grow and develop as Jesus did - "in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and Man" (Luke 2:52). A child's growth and development is viewed as a process, not an event. Development begins when the child is conceived and continues throughout life; therefore, this curriculum provides a range of activities designed to meet the needs of children. The core curriculum emphasizes traditional spelling, strong phonics-based language arts, geography, math, science and Christian Education.  Other activities which embrace physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual development are used as well since they are as equally important as academics.  ACA students consistently perform at high levels of achievement on the Standard Achievement Test (SAT).  We also have enriching activities such as computer, art, choir and Latin/ Greek.

Registration Information

Registration information and prices quoted here are subject to correction or change by the Antioch Christian Academy Office without notice. To enroll you must fill out our registration form and pay applicable fees.

Registration and other fees are due when you register and are non-refundable. Make your check payable to ACA (Antioch Christian Academy). If changes need to be made, we will notify you.

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